Beauty and makeup trends keep changing every year, and we look forward to seeing the emerging makeup trends embraced by style icons all over the world. This year is no exception. A look at the glittering array of facial makeup styles exhibited at the spring shows and the Instagram pictures of Fashionistas show a huge swing towards enchanting alchemy of color eyeshadow palettes, bold eyebrows, glistening dewy skin, and blushed cheeks. There is a welcome return to a glossy look for bright lips like coral and wine.

Here is a look at the trends that seem set to rule the fashion arena in 2018.

Makeup Trends to Rule 2018

  1. Coral and wine are the colors to look out for in lipstick.  Lip gloss is back with a bang, and it makes the lips look healthy while reflecting more shine. You can top the red, coral, or pink with a gloss shinier than your highlighter and give it a juicy pout. Many companies are coming out with exciting new glosses and lip shimmers this year with the resurgence of gloss in view.
  2. Leave behind the bold contouring; some faces don’t need contouring at all. Others look good as contouring gives their face shape and dimension. But 2018 is going to be all about the au naturale look. Light contouring with colors like cream will be more like it. Use face masks, BB and CC creams to even out your skin tone. Glass skin has been a favorite with its glowing, dewy, refreshed and healthy look. Pick and choose what suits your skin.
  3. For that rosy glow to your face, pop on blush colors. It will bring a summery glow to your face. You could go for a shade of peach to add depth and integrate with your skin.
  4. Another resurgence of old styles is seen in hair styling. From what we have seen till now, silk hair wraps, scrunchies, and old barrettes seem to dominate the trend.
  5. Use of jet black eyeliner hugging the lash line has been in vogue for years, but experimenting with a rectangular smudge of liner over the edge of the eye or ultra fine flicks layered on top of one another over the corner of the eye is in this season.
  6. Glitter is the name of the game. Whether it is gems on the hair or silver glitter on your eyeshadow, there seems to be no way that you can go wrong with glitter. It makes heads turn, but make sure not to go overboard. Focus on just a few features of your body with glitter.
  7. Shimmer on your lids could accentuate the bold look. Moreover, it is way more wearable than matte. Shades of violet, pink, purple, and burgundies are the colors that are in vogue for eye-shadow, but you cannot rule out our fashion icon coming out with a shade of yellow or green for the startling effect.
  8. Natural, bushy, feathery eyebrows are in this summer. A good sharp model brow that goes up at the end lifts your face. The textured brow is the eyebrow look for this year. The addition of texture makes your eyebrows look thicker and youthful. Hair definition is what personifies this look.
  9. Eyebrow embroidery is a new trend catching the attention of the fashion world. Also known as Microblading, a form of tattoo artistry is excellent for those wanting to enhance their brows to achieve dramatically natural eyebrows. Pigments used are chosen to match the natural color of the brow and the skin tone.
  10. Twiggy-eyelashes is another look set to rule fashion this year. Layer the eyelashes with the right amount of lengthening mascara for perfection or use lush, long fake eyelashes to make a fashion statement.

The beauty component defines your style. If you are hoping to have your most stylish year yet, make sure that you incorporate some of these evergreen makeup trends. Let us know your favorite new style in the articles below!

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