Calling All ceramic curling wand fans!!! One of the best ways to feel pretty and prepared for a night out, or even a day in the office, is to do your hair! At least it is for me! I love trying new updos, braids and even just straightening my hair. It makes me feel so ready for my day. And a ceramic curling wand is my favorite hair styling tool! You can be sexy with long hair and big bombshell curls, fun and be daring with tight ringlets, or you can even add curls to your updos for a more elegant look. But I just love curly hair!

One thing I have never experimented with myself is the really tight, voluminous curls. I have such thick hair and I’ve always been in the habit of just trying to tone down the volume as much as possible. The volume I have naturally is typically loose waves and a little on the frizzy side. So for me, the thought of doing my hair in a bunch of really tight curls is the total opposite of what I’m used to.

You typically see this style on girls with ethnic hair types. They pull off the volume and tight curls so beautifully! However just because that is where you normally see the style, doesn’t mean you couldn’t try it too! It’s always good to try something new and break out of your shell! There is nothing stopping any of us from testing out styles and just seeing if we might like something new. You’ll never really know until you try it out!

When I try something new, I like it to be temporary, affordable and something that can be done in the safety of my own home. So I decided that I should look into the perfect curling iron to try this gorgeous hairstyle. Considering I wanted to try this but I wasn’t certain I would love it or want to do it again, I needed something reasonably priced, and preferably popular. This quest led me to an Amazon choice item, the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler Ceramic Curling Wand! It’s thin, affordable and popular!

Things to Consider When Trying Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand

Now I know for some people, this wand might seem way too thin. But if you are going for a particular look this could be the best tool to accomplish it! For instance if you want really tight curls or an almost permed effect this could be the perfect size for just that. However, is definitely the type of iron that is going to take some getting used to when you first pull it out of the box.

But to give you some more features to consider, I wanted to make a quick list here!

Technology: This ceramic curling wand has a particularly simple setup, which is really what you would expect with the price. It heats up quickly, has a very thin barrel and does not have a clip. It has the great feature of an extra long swivel cord, which I always like to see. It only has an on/off switch and there is no way of managing the temperature. It heats up to 450°F. So you better not mind the heat if you plan on using this wand. And make sure to use heat protectant spray and utilize the special heat-resistant glove that comes with the iron!

Efficiency: While this might be pretty intimidating because it is such a skinny wand, it actually seems to be pretty efficient! It will definitely take some getting used to. But with some practice even people with thick hair claimed that it cut the time it normally took to do their hair in half! This wand heats up in about 15 seconds and the curls you get will last until your next shower. This is great to hear, because I don’t wash my hair every single day and if I would use this, I would have curl that lasted at least two days!

Types of hair: This can be used on a lot of different types of hair. But keep in mind that if you have dry or damaged hair with split ends you need to use heat protectant to keep from damaging your hair any further. However, if you have thin or fine hair, this is NOT recommended at all. Since there are no temperature control options, this wand is always guaranteed to be way too hot for thin hair. It will burn through thin hair quickly if you aren’t careful, so it is probably just a better idea to avoid using it altogether.

Multiple hair benefits: This ceramic curling iron is thin and clipless, allowing you to get perfect corkscrew curls. The best thing about these tiny curls is the amount of volume it will add you your hair. It is also recommended that you should add a de-frizzing product when you finish curling your hair. As well has hairspray that will ensure hold. If you follow the directions and get a good technique down you will be able to get sleek, fun, corkscrew curls to die for!

Curling process: Since I haven’t had the most experience creating tiny curls, I watched a few tutorials to get a good idea before I instruct anyone else! As I suspected, this is really straightforward process. Especially if you have ever used a ceramic curling wand before. All you have to do is figure out how thin or thick you want your ringlets to be and section out your hair according to that.

It is best to clip up the top half of your hair and start with the bottom layer. A lot of people recommend doing thicker curls on the bottom and thinning it out a bit as you get to the topmost layer. You don’t have to worry so much about getting close to your scalp until you reach the top layer. When you do get to the top make sure not to touch your scalp with the iron. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SCALP. It is a super hot iron and you will definitely regret it!

Also, keep in mind when you are doing your hair that the recommended amount of time that your hair should be touching the iron is only about 8-10 seconds. I would recommend really sticking to that to avoid burning your hair off. You can always go back through a re-curl certain pieces when they’ve cooled off. But I highly doubt you’ll need to.

​Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand​Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand

Who Should Buy This Product

I added a picture above of some looks that are advertised for this product. These are some looks that you can achieve with this iron if you have hair similar to mine. In other words, medium length, on the thick side and slightly wavy. So if this is a style you are interested in, this is a great way to achieve it!

Not to mention the fact that these curls will hold all day without an issue, possibly for several days if you don’t wash your hair on a daily basis. When I use my normal wand, by Remington, I use a heat protectant, set it to 450° and go to town. While this doesn’t give me the same look, it does give me experience with ceramic beauty tools. I never once needed to use hairspray to keep my curls going strong for a few days. Even when I slept on them they just loosened up a little but basically stuck around until I washed my hair.

I expect that the Lee Stafford Chopstick Ceramic Curling Wand would work the same way on my hair as my everyday wand, so I would definitely get this product if I want to try out this style!

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

If you have thin hair or at least thin strands of hair, this is NOT the curling iron for you at all. When you have thin hair you should always set your irons to a lower temperature. For one thing, it takes less heat to achieve curls, but it also takes less heat to burn your hair right off your head. Considering the fact that this product doesn’t have different temperature options makes it much more likely to do some real damage to thin hair.

Just keep that in mind, no matter what curling iron you choose to use on your hair!

Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand

This curling iron is very simple with no clip, no heat control settings and a very thin barrel. It actually has a long, square-shaped barrel, instead of a normal cylinder barrel. If you aren’t careful you could get kinky curls because of the square shape. But with practice that is pretty easy to avoid. Another thing I look for in a curling iron, or any other kind of electrically powered beauty tool, is the long swivel cord. It just gives anyone who uses it a little more freedom as they work on their signature look!


  • Affordable
  • Curls will last until your next shower (1-3 day on average)
  • Creates corkscrew curls


  • The temperature is SUPER HOT
  • Square barrel causes to kinky curls
  • Feels very cheaply made

​Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand​Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand

Features and Benefits 

This really seems to be a great curling iron if you don’t mind the high temperature. I personally always crank up the heat on my curling wand anyway. I also like the idea of this being so simple to use. To point out all the individual perks to this product I thought I’d make a list for you!

This ceramic curling wand is clipless. I don’t know if that is a feature that everyone loves, but I certainly do. I have so much less trouble with it because I don’t get my hair caught or pulled as much when I’m using it. Definitely a plus in my book! Also, clips can actually put more stress and damage on your hair.

​Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand​Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand

  • It is also made of ceramic. That cuts down on the likelihood of your hair becoming frizzy and full of static like it would be with a metal barrel.
  • I also love the fact that it is so easy to use! I have always preferred straightforward products instead of overly complicated ones.
  • This has a durable, extra long swivel cord which gives you a lot more freedom as you work on styling your hair to perfection.
  • If you have been looking for a new way to volumize your hair, here it is! While it might be a little time consuming, it is a surefire way to achieve corkscrew curls.
  • If you are in a rush and you already have a technique down, curling your hair will be a breeze. This particular iron heats up in a mere 15 seconds.

  • Comes with a heat-resistant glove so you don’t have to burn the tips of your fingers off in the name of beauty.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you’re anything like me and you aren’t sure whether this is the look for you, you could still at least try it out. If you hate it, you could send it back and get your money back no problem!
  • This would make a great gift! If you know there is someone in your life that loves trying new styles, this could be a great, affordable gift!

Social Proof

Originally, I had no familiarity with the Lee Stafford Ceramic Curling Wand. I also had no experience turning my hair into a gorgeous array of tiny curls. So this was pretty much completely new territory for me. But after watching some hair tutorials and reviews of the product I have to say, it’s definitely an Amazon Choice item for a reason. Everyone I saw use it just seemed to adore it. They all curled their hair in basically the same way but had different steps to getting their hair just the way they wanted it. So I think that goes to show that this is a successful product in the hand of those who are willing to learn the best way to use it on their own hair!

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Now I know that this isn’t exactly the product that everyone is looking for. I personally was never that interested in small curls and volume…my hair certainly didn’t need any help with the volume. But after watching some tutorials, I definitely have the urge to at least try it once! But there are also a lot of you who are just like, “No way, I tame the beast, I don’t create a bigger beast!” And more power to ya. Here are some alternative products in case you need more options in your life before you commit to this one!

Mr. Big Curling Iron

This particular iron is nothing like the one we’ve been talking about. It is a large barrel, with a clip and not to mention, triple the price tag. It is definitely better quality, which you would expect for a bigger price and it has fantastic reviews.

Who Should Use This Curling Iron

If you are all about those big, loose curls or beachy waves, this could be a great alternative. It gives you an entirely different look!

Mr. Big Curling Iron vs. Lee Stafford Curling Wand

  • Mr. Big creates big, beautiful, loose curls
  • Lee Stafford’s wand delivers that extra volume with tight, gorgeous corkscrew curls
  • Mr. Big has temperature settings and is better for thin hair
  • Mr. Big can curl over 15 inches of hair in a single pass
  • Mr. Big has an extra long, cylindrical barrel with a clip for extra control

If you are interested in learning more about this ceramic curling wand, you could always check out our review. It is full of all the details which will help you determine if this is the right product for you! And if you are already dead set on getting this for big curls you could always buy Mr. Big Curling Iron on Amazon!

Infiniti Pro by Conair

This ceramic curling wand is yet another Amazon Choice item and for good reason. Starting at 1-inch in diameter at the base this barrel tapers down to a ½-inch at the tip. This is a great feature if you want really natural looking curls! I have one similar to this and I love it! Other features includes 5 temperature settings and an auto-off feature for the forgetful souls who don’t want to burn down their house. (Like me!) This one will also give you the loose beachy waves or big loose curls, at a very affordable price!

Infiniti Pro Curling Wand by Conair vs. Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand

  • Infiniti Pro creates beachy waves or loose curls
  • The Lee Stafford Curling Wand is a great tool for tight corkscrew curls
  • Infiniti Pro has a tapered barrel
  • Infiniti Pro has 5 temperature settings and an auto-off safety feature
  • Both are equally affordable options for trying a new look and both guarantee satisfaction or your money back!

So if you are looking for an affordable way to get beachy waves for your summer look, this could be a great option for you, at no risk to your wallet! This has a bigger barrel, more features, at a similar price. So if you’re curious you can check it out on Amazon!

Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Wand

So I don’t know about you, but I like to have as many options I can get for one price. The most bang for my buck, so to speak. If you feel the same way, this could be a fantastic alternative for you! For one price, you can get 5 different barrels that all attach to 1 base. This gives you 5 different looks, but without having to deal with untangling 5 different cords! Sounds like a deal to me!

Xtava 5 in 1 Curling Wand vs Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand

  • Both of these items are Amazon Choice items
  • The Xtava 5 in 1 has just that, 5 interchangeable barrels in 1 package
  • The Xtava has 9 different temperature settings and an auto-off safety feature
  • The Lee Stafford Chopstick wand has a cool tip for extra control
  • The Xtava has barrels that are different thicknesses. One is tapered. Some have clips and some that are clipless

I think this is a pretty revolutionary hair product. I have no idea who came up with it first, but it certainly one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time! If you like to have a lot of options for your hair, without a lot of clutter, this could be the perfect option. It has more features, better temperature controls, an auto-off feature and just all around more options. If you’re interested in learning more about this product or buying it you can check it out on Amazon!

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So it is pretty obvious that the Lee Stafford Chopstick Ceramic Curling Wand is a beauty tool that can only really be used if you want a particular look. That look is made up of small, tight, corkscrew curls. If volume is something you’re looking for, look no further!

I think there are a few things you’re going to need to keep in mind before you buy this iron. It only has one heat setting of a very hot 450°F. For some people that’s great. Because if you have thick hair like mine, you probably always set it for the highest setting anyway. But if you have thin or super fine hair this wand could actually be at a higher risk to burn or damage your hair. You could technically still use it but you would have to be much, much more careful as you do and it is definitely not recommended.

Overall, I actually really like this wand because it is very simple and straightforward, it heats up fast in a mere 15 seconds. Since it is so hot, you only need to hold the wand on a strand for about 8 seconds, which will make doing your whole head a pretty quick process once you get the hang of it.

I would love to try this one out just because I love trying new styles. As I get older, I feel like I get a little more daring with different hairstyles rather than just constantly dyeing my hair like I used to. No matter what you like to do with your hair, if you decide you want to try out a new style and this happens to be one of them, feel free to check out the Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand on Amazon!

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