Recently, I have been in the mood to get back to my roots. It is time to get a good, old fashioned curling iron. Cue the Anjou Curling Iron!! Growing up, I used them on occasion. But when I got my curling wand I didn’t look back for years. It was the new thing and everyone swore that they were the best. Everyone said it was so much easier to use and that it just all around created a better look. So I got a Remington wand and I really did like it. Over the years I stuck with it and I have never been much in the habit of buying things when I don’t think I absolutely need them. Hair and beauty tools kind of fell into this category. I’ve always bought my basic products as far as makeup goes, but not really any hair tools. 

I just love the big loose, perfect curls that you can achieve with a normal iron rather than a wand. Since my hair is longer than it has been in a long time, I think it would be so much fun to experiment with a normal iron! Considering this, I thought it was high time to find the right one. Working on our list of The Top 10 Best Curling Irons of 2018 has been ever inspiring and the next one on our list just happens to be the well loved Anjou Curling Iron! I like the look, the features and the overall use of this curling iron. So I wanted to break down those features as I consider whether I would personally want a curling iron like this one! Maybe this will help you pick your own!

Things to Consider When Trying Anjou Curling Iron

Technology: This curling iron has all of my favorite features. After writing about what feels like so many now, I think I’m getting a knack for what is really important in these tools. This one is lightweight, well balanced and has a strong clip. Even though it is strong, it won’t hold onto your hair so tightly that it will create kinks. It has buttons right on the handle and the power button needs to be held down for a full 3 seconds before it will turn on or off. It has adjustable temperature settings so you can set it easily between 200°F and 410°F. The bright LCD display will read what temperature it is set at. It also is made with a ceramic tourmaline coating on the barrel that allows you to create soft, smooth curls and reduces the chance of frizz. And the auto shut off feature will help you out in case you are forgetful in your busy life!

Efficiency: The Anjou curling iron will heat up in a swift 60 seconds. So it won’t leave you waiting long to go to town on your hair! It also has a barrel that is 40% longer than others on the market which makes it great for long hair. You will be able to curl long hair in one try, rather than needing to do more than one pass on a single segment! In addition to all this, it has dual voltage which will enable you to even use it in your travels. Although you will have to bring an adapter for the countries who do not have the same USA outlet design that this curling iron is compatible for!

Type of Hair: The adjustable temperature settings allow this iron to be used on any kind of hair without damaging even the most delicate hair!

Multiple Hair Benefits: By being made with a ceramic and tourmaline coating you can curl your hair without worrying about damage and frizz. It will create sleek, shiny curls! It also has a long cord for ease in styling. There will be no limitations on space at the very least! I also really like the fact that although the clip is strong, it still won’t hold onto your hair too tightly and create kinks.

Curling Process: The styling method can be changed up a little bit. Depending on hair length really. You can either use the clip as you would with any curling iron. Or you could remove the clip and wrap your hair around as though you were using a wand. I personally would recommend using the clip, or you might as well get a wand!

Design Flaw: I would say that the main issue with this iron is the fact that the buttons are on the handle. They aren’t supposed to be as easy to press as they can be on some other products with a similar design. But I think it is going to be hard not to accidentally press them anyway. Even the fact that the power button needs to be held down to turn it on or off, still means that you can do that easily by accident. I know this from personal experience because my Remington Ceramic Curling Wand is the same way and I do it all the time if I’m not careful. It’s pretty much the only thing I don’t like about it.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you are looking for a basic, good quality curling iron, this could be a perfect option! I am working my way back to my old ways and want to get back into using a curling iron. The simple layout of this iron is what draws me in. It is very straightforward. If you are just starting out and learning to curl your hair I would say a curling iron is almost better than a wand. Mainly because the clip is going to give you more control. The cool tip will help to prevent a new user from burning themselves so easily and the long cord will give them a better reach and freedom while styling. The extra length of the barrel should help as well. If they are new users and have long hair, they won’t be used to the fact that with other irons they might have to do two passes on a single segment. This will help because they won’t have the need to do that!

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Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

If you prefer a curling wand, you might not be partial to this product unless you remove the clip. I personally wouldn’t recommend that because I have no idea how easy it is to remove or re-attach the clip. Although it has been said that it is possible. Also, if you buy this product with the intention to do that, you really might as well buy one without a clip like the Bed Head Curlipop Curling Wand. It isn’t tapered and you’d really achieve the same look, without a clip!

Anjou Curling Iron

The Anjou curling iron has a great design. It’s long cord, ceramic/tourmaline barrel and negative ion technology helps smooth your hair. It’s barrel 40% longer than others on the market and has a strong clip. The adjustable temperature can be easily controlled by viewing the LED display. While in use, the cool tip will help you control the iron and your hair without burning your fingers. After you are done curling your hair, the auto shut off feature will help ease your mind on whether you might have left it on when you go out and about!


  • Light-weight and well balanced
  • 40% longer barrel

  • Can be used on all hair types

  • Adjustable temperature settings


  • The cool tip is small
  • Buttons can be accidentally pressed
  • Automatically shuts off too fast
  • It is not really meant for short hair

Features and Benefits 

In case I missed anything, or it isn’t clear just how many benefits there are with this product, I wanted to make a quick list for you! There are a lot of particular benefits I wanted to lay out clearly!

  • This Anjou curling iron has a barrel size of 1.25”.
  • The barrel length is 8.27”.
  • It is made with a ceramic and tourmaline coating and negative ion technology for smooth curls and less frizz.
  • Heats up in 60 seconds!
  • Has a convenient and easy to read LED display.
  • Although it is on the small side for some people, it has a cool tip that makes it easier to style your hair. It gives you more control, in case you aren’t good at rolling your hair onto the iron with one hand. It also helps to prevent you from burning yourself.
  • It can be used on thin, normal or thick hair because of the adjustable temperature settings. By making sure that your iron is set the the appropriate temperature you can lessen the damage to your hair. Keep in mind that heat protectant is the key to avoiding damage.
  • It has a 98” cord.
  • Dual voltage make this great for travel, no matter where you might be headed! You will need an adaptor if you are going to a country with different outlets.
  • Strong clip that will hold hair firmly. But it won’t hold onto the hair so tightly to create kinks.
  • Lightweight and well balanced.
  • A comfortable handle!

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This is a curling iron that is really similar to Anjou in a lot of ways. The barrel is ever so slightly shorter, but it’s so minuscule it doesn’t even make a difference. It has the same important features of adjustable temperature controls, an ergonomic grip with anti-slip properties, great cord length and also a 360° swivel feature. It is another curling iron with basic features!

Who Would Use This Curling Iron

If you are just starting out, this could be another great starting point! I also haven’t used a normal curling iron in a long time, so I wouldn’t mind getting something like this to get back in the game. It is perfect because it is so straightforward!

Hey Beauty vs. Anjou Comparison

  • Hey Beauty has an anti-slip grip
  • Hey Beauty has a more reasonable cord that also wraps around the handle
  • Hey Beauty is super affordable
  • Anjou is made with ceramic and tourmaline
  • Hey Beauty heats up twice as fast

If you are interested in trying the Anjou Curling Iron but don’t want to spend the extra, you could try the Hey Beauty Curling Iron first! It is so cheap that it would be a great practice tool. It just might not last a long. I don’t think this is really meant for quality as much as it is just a basic tool for those who only curl their hair on occasion. Either way, if you are interested in learning more about it, you can read our review. If you are interested in buying it or seeing what other people say, you could check it out or buy it on Amazon!

This is another really great option if you like the size of the Anjou Curling Iron but hate clips. I know a lot of people who hate dealing with clips! So this is understandable! This has a lot of similar qualities, but it is a wand. So no clip, but it has the same set up. A cool tip, adjustable temperature settings, a thick handle, and a swivel cord.

Who Would Use This Curling Wand

I think this is best for those of you who want either really loose curls or soft waves. It also might be a good tool for beginners who want a wand instead of an iron. It has all the features that will help you protect your hair while still getting the right look. As a plus it is around the same price of the Anjou Curling Iron but even cuter!

Remington Pro Curling Wand vs Anjou Curling Iron

  • Both have cool tips and adjustable temperatures
  • Remington is a wand, so no clips!
  • Anjou is a curling iron, in case you want the extra control!
  • Both have swivel cords
  • Remington heats up in half the time

So if you are looking for a way to create a similar look, but without the clip, this wand could be right for you. It is about the same size, but tapered for a slightly different look. If you are more interested in this wand, you can find it on Amazon​!

This is another really interesting product from our list! It is another multi-purpose hair styling tool. It is a curling iron and a straightener all in one! I think this is a fantastic idea because I typically only have one curling wand and one straightener.

The reason I really like the idea of this particular product is because it is super simple to use and it would be a great beauty tool to travel with!

Who Should Use this Curling Iron Set

If you don’t style your hair all the time and just want something that will do it all, this could be perfect! I also think that if you travel a lot and need something compact and easy to carry around, this is a great option. Instead of packing two hair tools for two totally different looks, you can do it all with one!

Generic Riwa Curling Iron Set vs. Anjou Curling Iron Comparison

  • Riwa can be used for curling and straightening
  • Riwa comes in a convenient travel case
  • Riwa comes with a glove, comb and clips for easy use
  • Riwa can be swapped from a curling iron to a straightener without waiting for it to cool down
  • Riwa can be used on both wet or dry hair.

If you interested in the Riwa Curling Iron Set as an alternative to a normal curling iron, you can check it out in our review. You can also buy it on Amazon!

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This is a great product that has earned the respect of a lot of customers who really didn’t expect much when they first purchased the curling iron. It has a really simple layout. Similar to the ones I’ve used in the past. Although this one is definitely better because it has a longer cord, adjustable temperature settings and is made with a ceramic tourmaline coating. I had only ever been familiar with ones that had metal barrels, that would eventually rust in small places. The old ones also caught my hair so much more and would scratch up so easily. This is different in all the best ways and I can see why so many people like it, even though I haven’t used it personally. The only real drawback I don’t think I would like so much is the fact that the automatic shut off goes into effect in 30 minutes rather than 60 minutes. Some people take longer than 30 minutes to do all of their hair, especially if you have long thick hair like me. Either way I think auto shut off is a great feature and very important. In the end, it isn’t as much of a hassle to turn it back on as it is to not have it all and forget one fateful time!

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