I tend to have really dry hair, as I’ve mentioned before. Because of this I don’t completely trust what people say about certain products. I’ve pretty much always been in the habit of washing my hair every other day. Even the most delicate shampoos tend to dry it out. This has always had more to do with the fact that I don’t naturally produce enough oils naturally to make up for constantly washing my hair. I also have never loved “moisturizing” shampoos. I usually end up buying more affordable shampoos and they make my hair look greasy. I suppose this is better in some ways…but still not helpful. I might as well just not wash it. Actually, because I don’t have oily hair I don’t need to wash it all the time and by alternating days I seem to keep it under control pretty well.

There are a lot of products out there that claim they have all kinds of extra ingredients to prevent their product from drying your hair out further. Recently I’ve had a lot of interest in sea salt sprays. Frizz is my main problem and there are a lot of sea salt sprays that promise to control this. Which is great! But the issue is that a lot of them tend to dry out your hair even more. Even though I’m pretty sure the main reason I have frizzy hair because it is too dry at the ends. If I’m growing my hair out, I always need a good trim on occasion to help with this. So how is a product like this going to help with my frizz if it also contributes to the reason my hair is frizzy in the first place?

Well there are actually more sea salt sprays out there than I originally thought. They claim to help with the dryness issue while still giving you that texture, body and volume you’re looking for! So keeping all this in mind, I decided to look into Alaffia’s Sea Salt Spray. Mainly because I’m hearing some great things about how it won’t dry out your hair further!

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Things to Consider When Trying Alaffia Sea Salt Spray

I just want to give you a little information on what this product can be good for. Obviously, there are the things that most people look for first in a sea salt spray. Mostly, this usually comes down to creating that easy, carefree look of beach waves. But there’s a lot more information I can give you about what this product is good for!

What Look is Created: All of us who love those beautiful beach waves should try this out! It would also be a great product to use after you curl your hair. This will help keep your hair looking smooth and styled, while also keeping your frizz under control!

How to Use: This is a really cool product because it can be used on your skin and your hair. It is super hydrating because it is made with coconut milk. For your skin your can just spray on your dry areas and it will help soothe and heal any trouble spots. Or, you know, be smart and spray it on to prevent dry spots from popping up.

If you’re using this on your hair I would recommend using this on damp hair because it will help you distribute the product and avoid making your hair greasy. Just be sure to shake beforehandto avoid using a separated product and then spray a liberal amount all over your hair and comb through.

Type of Hair: This can be used on all kinds of hair! I don’t know how great it will work for someone who already has oily hair, it might make that worse. Keep in mind that this can be used by men or women!

Multiple Hair Benefits: Alaffia is a natural product made with coconut oil for extra hydration. It will make your hair smell and feel great! It adds texture which will help add volume. It will also make your hair easier to work with and contain your frizz.

Long Term Side Effects: There is the potential this might make your hair oily. There were a few complaints. However, the customers didn’t really elaborate on their complaints, unfortunately. My guess is that they might have either used too much or they already have naturally oily hair.

Scent: Since this is made with coconut water it has a great coconut smell! It also a completely natural fragrance. No artificial fragrances in this product!woman alaffia-2woman alaffia-2

Who Should Buy This Product

Well, the main reason I’m really interested in this is because I want to try a sea salt spray. But I’m worried it will dry out my hair more than it already is. This is a great alternative to a normal sea salt spray and the coconut water could be exactly what I’m looking for. I also want to find something that I can use every other day between washing my hair. This product actually has a few different uses and if you’re looking for a little variety, this is probably what you need. It’s great for your skin and your hair!

Alaffia Purely Coconut Texturizing Spray - For Normal to Dry Hair, Hydrating Support to Add Volume...
  • TEXTURIZING SPRAY. Coconut Texture Spray gives hair the same full-body look it...
  • VOLUME AND BODY. Alaffia’s texture spray made with natural sea salt adds...
  • PURELY COCONUT. Enjoy the purity of fair-trade coconut water, neem extract, and...

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

If you already have naturally oily hair, this has the potential of making it worse. I don’t think I would recommend this one to a lot of people I know because of that. It would be perfect for me and my husband, but my sister and mom would never be able to use it. They could maybe just use it on the ends of their hair. But I don’t really see the point in using it to only add texture to the bottom of your hair!

Alaffia Sea Salt Spray

Alaffia comes in a 12oz bottle, which is actually about double the size of most of the products on our list! This is also great because it recommends that you use it liberally on your hair and you still won’t run out fast. There are a lot of great things about this product. It controls frizz, adds volume and texture. It is also a cruelty free and paraben free product.

But one of the most unique features to this product is the backstory. The sales of this product actually help the people of Togo, West Africa. The company helps through funding empowering projects including: reforestation, buying school supplies and building schools for children, distributing bicycles and helping provide help for mothers who are struggling to provide for their children. It is a really great cause and it’s completely worth purchasing this product just to help out!


  • Sales help a good cause
  • Won’t dry out your hair
  • Creates beautiful beach waves


  • Might make your hair oily
  • Doesn’t have great hold
  • Provides minimal texture/volume

Features and Benefits 

As always, I want to make a list of the best features and benefits of the product in every review. It’s always great to know exactly what you’re buying an what to expect. I like doing to research when I’m shopping and I’m ready to give you a rundown what I found with this product.

  • This spray comes in a large 12oz bottle. This will give you all the extra product you need to get those waves just right! This is actually twice the amount I’ve found in a lot of other sea salt sprays!

  • This sea salt spray is made with coconut water and will resist the dryness caused by a lot of sea salt sprays! This is an important perk for me personally because it is a real problem for me in the winter time. I don’t have an abundance of natural oils to keep my hair feeling and looking healthy. I definitely don’t want to lose what I have!

  • This product adds texture to your hair. There were a few complaints that it doesn’t add as much texture as other products. But it will still give you enough. Especially if you’re using this to freshen up your roots. I go about two days without washing my hair but I know people who go even longer without washing their hair. They might especially appreciate this benefit.

  • By adding that texture, you will also get more volume when styling your hair. This is great when you’re working on those waves. You have to make sure to work the product through all of your hair. After all, you don’t want to have all the texture and body at the bottom. You’re going to want some volume on top as well! For extra volume just spray on damp hair and use a diffuser.

  • By adding that texture and volume, it will actually help your hair appear thicker. I know a lot of people with really thin hair who have been looking for something that will help them out. It’s also fun to mix things up and not always have such flat hair!

  • Although I must say, I have never had an issue with flat hair myself. I have some really thick hair and I need more help containing my frizz. This product tames your frizz, despite humidity.

  • Since this product is made with coconut water it doesn’t even need any artificial additives to give it a naturally great scent!

  • This is a the kind of product that anyone can use! Men can use it to add some texture to their hair so it doesn’t fall flat. Women can use it to smooth their curls and prevent frizz! My husband actually has hair as thick as mine that is down to his shoulders. Needless to say he needs help with frizz too.

  • Not to mention, this is a paraben free product! This is important to a lot of people who prefer more natural products because they want to avoid harmful chemicals.

  • It is also a cruelty free product that was never tested on animals. Therefore, it is 100% vegan for anyone who is concerned and always looks for this in their products.

  • Lastly, this products sales goes towards a good cause I explained already. By purchasing this product you can help a community far from home. It’s pretty great knowing you can help a good cause by also helping yourself achieve some beautiful hair. Kind of a win-win situation if you ask me.

Social Proof

So from what I could find in my internet research, a lot of people really like this as an alternative to other sea salt sprays. The reason for that is because they really enjoyed the fact that this didn’t dry out their hair like a lot of the other products. However, in addition to that, some people where bothered by the fact that actually contributed to making their hair oily. So this could either work really great for you…or it will actually make your hair feel gross. I must say that there could be a few ways to avoiding that bad situation. For one thing, it is recommended that you use this on damp hair. I’m assuming that if you don’t, it might not distribute the product properly. On the other hand, it also says in the directions that you should always shake the bottle before spraying on your hair. That’s because it separates while it sits. So if you aren’t doing either of these your chances of making your hair greasy is probably higher.

Other than that it seemed like this was a really well loved product. It smells great, adds volume, adds texture to your roots and helps out a great cause!

Alaffia Purely Coconut Texturizing Spray - For Normal to Dry Hair, Hydrating Support to Add Volume...
  • TEXTURIZING SPRAY. Coconut Texture Spray gives hair the same full-body look it...
  • VOLUME AND BODY. Alaffia’s texture spray made with natural sea salt adds...
  • PURELY COCONUT. Enjoy the purity of fair-trade coconut water, neem extract, and...


This segment is dedicated to alternative products. I know that everyone doesn’t always want the product in our review. We have a whole list of our choices for the 10 Best Sea Salt Spray Products . So we have a lot of different products for you to choose from and if you don’t want Alaffia, there are still more on our list you might like instead. We just want to do our best to try to help you find exactly what you need! So here are three alternative products that you might prefer. Just in case this wasn’t what you were looking for.

  • Artnaturals Sea Salt Spray
artnaturals Sea Salt Hair Spray – (7.4 Fl Oz / 220ml) – Volumizing &Texturizing for Carefree...
  • ArtNaturals Sea Salt Spray gives hair a textured, tousled just:off:the:beach...
  • The Spray creates natural, easy waves and pumps up hair’s volume, as sea salt...
  • Hydrating, soothing castor oil and coconut extract ensure your hair stays...

Artnaturals sea salt spray is a great alternative! But keep in mind you also get about half the amount as well. This is definitely one of the most affordable products on our list, other than Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe. Sea salt sprays are all pretty much meant for the same thing of course. Because in the end, everyone looking for this product wants those beautiful beachy waves!

Who Should Buy This Spray

This is meant for people who want a more affordable sea salt spray. It gets decent reviews and people love to use it to make those beachy waves and add nice texture to their hair! It has all perks of a sea salt spray. It will add the volume, texture and body. It is not natural, cruelty free or paraben free. This is still a product I might gravitate more towards because I am a total budgeter. If I’m going to buy beauty products, they need to work well and be within a certain price range for me.

Artnaturals vs. Alaffia: Sea Salt Spray Comparison

  • Artnaturals is more affordable
  • Alaffia is natural
  • Alaffia is made with coconut water
  • Both create beach waves
  • Both add texture and body to your hair

If you are looking for that affordable product this is for you! It might not have all the added benefits of being natural or vegan, but it can be found easily, used in the same way. It is really just a better price for people who use a sea salt spray on a regular basis! If you are interested in getting this product, you can find Artnatural’s sea salt spray on Amazon!

AQUAGE SeaExtend Salt Texturizing Spray, 8 Fl Oz
  • Aquage
  • Builds volume
  • Sea salt texturizing spray

This is a little more affordable than Alaffia but comes in an 8 oz bottle. From what I could find, it is actually used commonly in a lot of salons. It says on Amazon that it is a texturizing spray and there weren’t many more details about the product. But because I want to keep you informed, I sifted through what I could find on the internet until I got some promising reviews! This product is great for adding some volume, texture and has plenty of hold. Just keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way with this product. It is not natural or cruelty free, but it is a good price and won’t make your hair oily.

Who Should Buy This Spray

If you want to test out some sea salt sprays to see how they work in your hair, this could be a great option. It is pretty affordable and it is fairly well known because it is relatively common in salons. This is meant more for wavy and curly hair types. But if you have thin hair and need some more volume, this could give you the look you’re going for with a little extra scrunch!

Aquage vs Alaffia: Sea Salt Spray Comparison

  • Both are texturizing

  • Both add volume

  • Aquage is more affordable

  • Alaffia won’t dry out your hair

  • Aquage is known to be used in hair salons

This is really better bang for your buck. You get a lot of similar benefits out of it without breaking the bank. So if you’re curious about trying different sea salt sprays I would add this on to the list. You can find the Aquage Sea Salt Spray on Amazon!

This is where we are going to conclude our list, but I have to say, this is a great product. I might not be well known, but I love the idea of frizz control and 24 hour humidity protection! If you have issues with frizzy hair in humid climates, this could be a great product for you as well! If you’re interested in purchasing

  • Redken Sea Salt Spray

REDKEN Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Hair Spray for Unisex, 8.5 Fl Oz
  • It adds texture, hold, and volume to hair
  • It protects hair and helps to prevent color fade
  • It gives 24 hour humidity resistance

This is another brand for about the same price. It can be used in the same way and so it is still easy, simple and a great product to use on the go. It certainly doesn’t seem very widely known, but it does seem well loved by those who did know it. The biggest perk here is that it guarantees 24 hour humidity resistance and strong hold. This is a tall order if you have hair like mine. It just loves to frizz out on me, even without any humidity to provoke it!

Who Should Buy This Product

This is another item that is a bit cheaper. The thing that peaks my interest the most about this spray is the promise to fight humidity for a full 24 hours. I could have really used that when I went of vacation to Florida and I might keep it in mind for my next trip.

Redken vs Alaffia: Sea Salt Spray Comparison

  • Redken has 24 hour humidity resistance

  • Redken is slightly more affordable

  • Both add volume

  • Redken has a better spray nozzle for great coverage

  • Alaffia will help prevent dryness from the sea salt

the Redkens Sea Salt Spray, you can find it on Amazon!


Alaffia is a great product for a reasonable price. It is made with coconut milk and that really sets it apart from other products. It does everything any other sea salt spray would do. It adds texture, volume and beachy waves. Those beach waves are what everyone is really interested in when looking into a sea salt spray. Now it might not add as much texture and volume as other products because it is so moisturizing. I have a feeling this will weigh down your hair a little bit more than some. But a lot of people don’t mind because they like the fact that it isn’t going to dry out their hair. This is something I would really appreciate in a sea salt spray because I have issues with dry hair. The fact that this won’t have a drying effect on my hair makes me more willing to try this product out now. It’s winter, everything in the world seems to make me feels dry at this point. My hair is dryer than usual. Right there along with my eyes, my nose and especially my skin. So lucky for me, this can be used on my skin as well as my hair! So not only can I get those beautiful beach waves, I can help my poor skin along the way!

The fact that this product is a little different makes me want to give it a try. If you are interested in trying out a vegan and paraben free sea salt spray, all while helping a good cause, I would absolutely recommend this. Although it is a pretty awesome product, it isn’t going to be everyone’s favorite. But then again, that’s how it works for pretty much all hair products.

So no matter what age, what hair type or what gender you might be, this could be a great product for you. If you’re interested in the Alaffia Sea Salt Spray you can find on Amazon!

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